Our design team always strives to provide more and better design solutions for our clients' projects. Through our extensive experience, we are able to quickly help our clients find the right sculpture design solution for their project.

dolphin sculpture

800+ Art Sculptures Licensed by Artists

More and more artists from home and abroad are willing to work with us. After a rigorous selection process, we have chosen 800 designs for landscape projects and 300 designs for interior projects.


Sometimes a client's project needs to have a distinctive character, such as reflecting the local culture or religion. Then when there is no sculpture that can achieve this, we need a certain artist or team of artists to do the original design. At Vincentaa, each member of our team of artists has a wealth of experience. All have participated in the design of iconic city sculptures for many times, and we guarantee that every sculpture is original and highly satisfying to our clients' needs

custom sculpture design
custom sculpture design

2021 Innovative Sculpture Designs

Every year there are trends in art sculpture, for landscape projects and interior projects that vary. Through the efforts of our team of artists and marketing team, we are always able to anticipate and grasp the trends of each year so that we can provide the best art solutions to our clients.

Each year our team compiles 1,000 of the most popular art sculptures of the year. If you are struggling to know what sculptures to place in your project, contact our team and ask for these materials, which will surely bring you inspiration though.

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