Project Management

Our specialist project managers are experienced in delivering all kinds of sculpture projects. We'll support you throughout the project – offering as much or as little guidance as you like.

Dedicated project managers

We believe continuity is important, so you’ll be introduced to a project manager who will be your point of contact for the full duration of the project.

Your project manager will create a project timing plan; then oversee the design, manufacture, and installation processes to ensure all phases of your sculpture project run smoothly and on time.

Flexible and responsive

We understand the need to be flexible and will work to adapt our timings if other elements of the project change.

sculpture design

Sculpture Design

Our project managers have extensive experience in coordinating with the design department to carry out sculpture design or sculpture deepening work according to your project requirements

We are also able to deliver timely and accurate information during the sculpture design revision process

Project Schedule

The project manager will make a rigorous and reasonable project schedule according to the project requirements, and use it to assign corresponding schedules for each department and team. During the execution of the project, the project manager will supervise each department and team to complete the work in strict accordance with the daily schedule.

project schedule
quality control

Quality Control & Guarantee

Quality control of sculpture projects is a complex job. Especially cast bronze sculpture is up to 8 quality control points, each of which has a great impact on the quality. Only a professional team under the command of the project manager can do a good job of quality control

Transport & Installation

Installation and transportation is the final and very important stage of a project. In terms of timing, it is important to ensure that shipping is done on time and that safe packaging is created to maximize the safety of the sculpture product during transport.
The installation of sculptures on project sites is very complex and can often encounter a variety of unexpected situations. An experienced project manager can maximize the avoidance of surprises

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