Our artisan team has more than 15+ years of experience in hand-forging metal sculpture.

Available materials: #304/#316 stainless steel, corten steel, aluminum, iron...


Metal sculpture is a general term for sculptures made of many metal materials such as stainless steel, corten steel, aluminum, iron, and so on. Because there are many materials, so its production process includes a lot of technology. For example, lost-wax casting, hand forging, laser cutting, and so on.

3D Model Design

Foam Mold Making

Piece Shaping

Metal Cutting

Hand Forging

Welding & Chasing


Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Because metal sculpture contains many materials, and for different materials, their surface treatments are different. For example, stainless steel sculpture, its common surface treatment includes mirror polishing, paint and can also be electroplated. However, only the surface treatment of the carbon steel sculpture is the rust effect. We probably have more than 10 kinds of the most commonly used surface treatment. Our design team will be based on different sculpture design, different customer needs to match the most appropriate surface treatment effect.

Mirror Polishing

Mirror Polishing




Colorful Electroplating



Metal Sculpture Category

At Vincentaa, the metal sculpture has a wide range of applications. In recent years, it has also become more and more popular. You can see metal sculptures on many different types of projects. For example, landscape projects, hotel and home projects. Including some of the most popular elements of science and technology, a large part of them is made of metal. We have a huge advantage in terms of production cost and production technology so we are confident that we can provide the most cost-effective sculpture for customers all over the world.

Need Custom Metal Sculpture?

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