Love Sculpture For Sale

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10 Sizes Options

We provide 10 sizes for customers to choose from, these sizes can basically meet all the needs of indoor and outdoor use. If it is for park decoration, we suggest you can choose the size above 300cm, if it is for indoor decoration, you can consider the size below 200cm

Love Sculpture for sale

6 Color Options

At Vincentaa, you can find the most popular concentrated color combinations and finishes in the world. We have both painted color combinations as well as mirror polished and brushed, and also Corten steel with rust effect

Color Option 1

Color Code: C001

Technique: Painting

Color: Red & Green

Material: #304 or

#316 Stainless Steel

Color Option 2

Color Code: C002

Technique: Painting

Color: White, Red & Green

Material: #304

or #316 Stainless Steel

Color Option 3

Color Code: C003

Technique: Painting

Color: Yellow & Red

Material: #304

or #316 Stainless Steel

Color Option 4

Color Code: C004

Technique: Mirror Polishing

Color: Silver Mirror Polishing

Material: #304

or #316 Stainless Steel



Color Option 5

Color Code: C005

Technique: Brushed Effect

Color: Silver Brushed Effect

Material: #304 or #316 Stainless Steel



Color Option 6

Color Code: C006

Technique: Rust

Color: Rust Effect

Material: Corten Steel



Love Sculpture For Uzbekistan

With a total height of 4 meters, this Love sculpture was custom-made for the Tashkent City Project which is located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. This Love sculpture is made of 3mm thick #304 stainless steel plate and in the classical RED & BLUE color by car paint tech


Affordable Prices

We mass produce this love sculpture and have many semi-finished products, so our cost is much lower


Only Artistic Quality

Our brand positioning high-end, so we only use the best materials and tech for this love sculpture


Ship in 7 Days

With a large number of the love sculpture in stock and semi-finished, we can ship in just 7 days instead of 30 days


Multiple Options

Most of our designs can be customized in size, surface color and details 100% based on customers’ need

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The best prices in the world. Ships within 7 days


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