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3 Popular Sizes - Affordable Price - Free Global Transport

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Color Option 1: Aluminum

1_1 - Photo.jpg

Color Option 2: Stainless Steel Mirror Polishing


Color Option 3: Bronze

10_1 - Photo.jpg
10_3 - 拍照模式.jpg
10_4 - 拍照模式.jpg
10_7 - 拍照模式.jpg

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3 Popular Size Options

Following popular sizes are for your reference. We can also customize other sizes for you.

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Affordable Prices

We mass produce this balloon dog sculpture and have many semi-finished products, so our cost is much lower


Only Artistic Quality

Our brand positioning high-end, so we only use the best materials and tech for this balloon dog


Ship in 7 Days

With a large number of the balloon dog sculptures in stock and semi-finished, we can ship in just 7 days instead of 30 days


Multiple Options

Most of our designs can be customized in size, surface color and details 100% based on customers’ need


1-How to pay? 50% advance payment, the final payment will be paid before the goods leave the factory after inspection

2-How long to produce? According to your size to determine, if you want the size we have in stock or semi-finished, then 7 days shipping, if not we need 15-20 days

3-How long is the shipping time? Usually takes 20-30 days

4-How do you guarantee quality?

  1. Photos and videos will be sent to you every 3-5 days during the production process to help you understand the whole production progress
  2. In order to make you satisfied with the shape of the sculpture, after the model is made, we will send you photos and videos for your review and confirmation, and only after 100% of the problems, we will proceed with the production
  3. After the sculpture is completed, we will send you high-definition photos and videos for your final confirmation, and we will arrange to ship only after we are sure there are no problems.
  4. If you receive the goods found that there are problems with the quality, whether it is transport reasons or production reasons, we promise to give you free repair or replacement

Contact Us For A Discount

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will get 5%-30% discount


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