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Two categories of Custom Sculpture

Now we can see sculptures in more and more scenes, such as squares, shopping malls, parks and so on. The emergence of these sculptures not only beautifies the environment but also constantly enhances people’s aesthetic. In order to better meet the requirements of the use of the scene, many projects need to customize the sculpture according to their own characteristics.

There are two main categories of custom sculptures that we come into contact with. One is the commemorative custom sculpture, and the other is the landscape decorative custom sculpture.

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Commemorative Custom Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture 14

War Memorial Custom Sculpture

War memorial custom sculpture can awaken people’s memory of war and trigger people’s reflection on the war. At the same time, it can help people to remember forever those brave soldiers who lie in the ground for the war. We can not only make custom statues but also make relief sculpture. The general sizes of the war memorial custom sculptures are usually larger than other sculptures from 2m to 40m.

Political Leader Custom Statue

The leaders of some countries are remembered by the people because they have made great contributions to their countries. Statues of these leaders are often erected by many governments and placed in prominent places in cities. It is always a reminder that these leaders made outstanding contributions to the development of the country or independence at a certain stage.

custom bronze sculpture

Celebrity Memorial Sculpture

People often customize statues for social celebrities who have made certain contributions or have high popularity in a certain field. Such as sports stars, movie stars, famous singers and entrepreneurs, and so on.

Pet Memorial Custom Sculpture

Pets are good friends of human beings, which accompany many families and spend a happy and warm time after another. They make children’s childhood rich and colorful and also makes the life of the elderly no longer lonely. But the age of the pet is often only a few years to more than a decade, so when the pet leaves, his family is very sad. Many families choose a lovely posture to make custom statues for their pets and put them next to the tombstone in memory of his pet.


Landscape Custom Sculpture

Ball Sculpture3

More and more park landscape projects use sculpture to make their projects more artistic. When tourists browse in the project, if there is sculpture, and the artistry of sculpture is very strong, it will certainly arouse the interest of customers. Then they will be willing to take pictures with the sculpture and upload them to social platforms like Facebook, the right sculpture can also help you get better publicity for their projects. We can analyze the characteristics of your project and recommend the corresponding sculpture style according to your project. All sculpture styles can be customized in terms of size, material, color and so on.

Form of Presentation

In fact, there are not many forms of commemorative sculpture, which are mainly statues. In some projects, such as some memorial parks, relief forms will also be used. Different from statues, reliefs can contain more information and show more scenes. So reliefs are often used to depict a scene, a story, or an event. At present, the largest relief we have ever made is 44 meters long and 5.7 meters high which is for Victory Park (Tashkent, Uzbekistan). It described how Uzbekistan’s farmers, workers, and soldiers fought as one against the enemy throughout the war. And introduces the whole period of World War II, Uzbekistan, in order to play for the victory of the war to pay a huge price. On the whole, the narrative of relief is incomparable with other forms of sculpture.

Material Selection of Monumental Custom Sculpture

custom materials

There are not many materials commonly used in memorial custom sculpture, and the most common ones are bronze and marble. Therefore, the corresponding common production process is the Lost-Wax Casting and Hand Carving. The process of making cast bronze is relatively more complicated than marble carving. The process of making cast bronze is relatively more complicated than marble carving. Marble custom sculpture is generally used for relief works. We will help you choose the most suitable material according to your design style.

The Size Range We Can Make

The size range of memorial custom sculpture is large, which can be from tens of centimeters to tens of meters high. For example, a sculpture of a pet dog may only need 50 centimeters in length, the height of statues we made for Victory Park in Uzbekistan is more than 7m high. Our design team and production team can perform very professionally in the face of large-scale sculpture and small sculpture production. In fact, there are many differences in production processes for large sculptures and small sculptures. Because of their rich experience, our team is able to complete the production of all sculptures professionally

Custom Statue7

Custom Sculpture Process

Whether it is a bronze sculpture or stone carving, we need to do a good job in the design of sculpture and model making in the early stage. The methods we use now include hand-drawing sculpture design, 3D sculpture design, clay model, and foam model carving. After the model is made, we will enter the corresponding bronze sculpture lost-wax casting and stone sculpture hand carving. Whether it is a national custom sculpture project or a small commercial custom sculpture project, we can ensure the quality of the art.

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