At Vincentaa, we use the most advanced Lost-wax casting to cast bronze statues

Large Sculpture - Bronze Relief - Bronze Animal - Bronze Figure

Bronze Sculpture Process

Vincentaa bronze foundry team keeps improving and optimizing its bronze casting technique in order to give artistic quality level. We supply full foundry services-sculpture enlargement, 3D Design, Clay Mold, bronze casting... With professional team and good casting technique, at Vincentaa, you can find very good quality bronze artworks with affordable prices

clay mold making

Clay Mold Making

Silicon Rubber Sculpture Mold

Silicon Rubber Mold

Wax Mold

Wax Mold Making

ceramic shell

Ceramic Shell

bronze casting

Bronze Casting

ceramic shell removing

Ceramic Shell Removing

welding and chasing

Welding & Chasing

bronze patina

Bronze Patina

Popular Bronze Patina

Patination is not an easy job and we believe that PATINA is a key part of the creation of bronze sculpture art. Our patina artisans are also artists when they turn a "yellow" work into a piece of beautiful artwork. Whether it is for large-scale sculptures tens of meters high or for artistic sculptures tens of centimeters high, our team can complete the patina task well. The following are the only small part of patinas that we can do. contact us and find the best patina for your work.

bronze patina
Vincentaa Patina V01
Vincentaa Patina V05
Vincentaa Patina V07
Vincentaa Patina V04
Vincentaa Patina V02
Vincentaa Patina V03

Bronze RANGE

We have a very wide range of cast bronze sculptures, basically all the cast bronze sculptures you can see on the market. Whether it’s more than 100 meters of Buddha sculpture, life-size custom figure statue or bronze animal statue, you can always trust our quality and prices.

bronze relief

4- Bronze Relief

bronze figure statue

5- Other bronze animal statues

bronze lion statue

6- Other Bronze Sculptures

Need A Custom Bronze?

Vincentaa is good at custom bronze sculpture at any size


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