1-How can I get a quote from Vincentaa?

You can send message on Vincentaa.com or direct write to us an email to vincentaasculpture@gmail.com


2-How long does it take for my order to be produced?

Usually 25-45 days


3- How do you guarantee my order quality?

  1. Before your order production, we will communicate with you again with your request
  2. If a mold is needed during your order production, we will send you tens of HD photos of the mold details and get the confirmation from you.
  3. In every 3-5 days, we will send you photos or videos to show all production status.
  4. After your order is finished, tens of photos or videos will send you for quality inspection.

Although you are not in our factory, we will let you know about our production schedule and quality control as always in a factory.


5- What if my order is not qualified?

  1. We will modify your sculpture without limit until it reaches perfection.
  2. We will pay all your money back


6- What is your terms of payment?

Usually 30%-50% advance payment, the balance should be paid before shipment after your sculpture is finished.

T/T, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram…


7- Can you deliver my order to my home or the installation site?

We are good at door-to-door delivery and our cooperated freight forwarder can deliver our sculpture to any corner around the world.

Even you do not know how to import, no problem, they can handle that too.


8- How long is the shipping time?

Usually 20-40 days which depends on where you are. Contact us for the accurate shipping time.


9- How long is your warranty?

Mostly 10-30 years quality.