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How to Custom Bust Sculpture by Clay or 3D Print? An Original Artwork.

How to make bust sculpture yourself? How to custom bust statue for your loved one? Which maker I should believe or choose? In fact, custom a life sized bust sculpture is a skilled workmanship. In addition, It is also really a test for artist’ experience and perception toward life, observation ability and craftsmanship. Those artists who have deep love for life, the statue they create will be more vivid. Let’s come to the point that how to custom bust sculpture commission.

1.Communication about design.

You should have an idea that you want to choose photos or sketches for reference when custom statue.


You can supply us with several photos from different angles. so that we can well understand how is different body feature , the height at which different pieces need to be, actual scale, etc.


If you have your own ideas, you can turn your idea into sketches by using resources such as photographs.


2.Confirm complication of your design

Different levels of design gives us different difficulty. The more complicated your design is, the more time our artist team has to spend, which also means that it will take more labor cost to finish. For example, if your design is for a memorials, like the boy statue (our project case in 2015), the boy used to sit on the bench in the afternoon and enjoying the peaceful sunset. This project is very complicated due to the exactness of his parent’s requisition. It will take our artist team much more time to study the background and facial details.

custom boy statue

3.Model Making

In this process, we have two ways to accomplish. One is clay model, another is 3D printed model. Each way both have its own pros and cons. Let’s talk about each one in detail.

(1)Clay model

It is the most important step of personalised bust statues, it is also the test for artist’ workmanship level. What we need to make the clay model are some photos or sketches of the front, behind, left, right, and top view of the person to be sculpted. The clay model is more original, the final sculpture is more exactly same as the picture. The clay model we make are always the best because we have the best clay masters.

Contrast with 3D printing, the clay model looks more vivid and has much more sense of art. It’s entirely hand-made with artist’ wonderful workmanship. Accordingly, It may not be 100% same as the design and has defect. But I think “Defect is perfect for art”.

clay bust statue

(2)3D printed Model

For some very complicated ornaments of person to be sculpted, 3D will play an crucial role. Professional 3D team can turn your idea into reality. For example, a russia old lady (our project case in 2016), the jewelries before her chest is one of the most difficulty parts, which is not easy for modeling. After 2 days’ study, our professional 3D team perfectly show them by 3D design. This project took us 48 days to finish.

Contrast with clay model, the 3D printed model are nearly 100% same as the design. Accordingly, it looks more stiff.

3d lady model

4.Custom statue

In this process, you can choose the material of bust sculpture you want. (In fact, you should decide the material you want at the beginning), like marble, bronze, fiberglass etc. For so precious artwork, the marble and bronze is better choice than fiberglass, the sculpture can be saved forever by using good material.

(1)Bronze Statue

if use bronze material, it will have following process, wax mold creating and chasing, shell making, bronze casting, welding, and polishing, patina and surface waxing.

bronze bust

(2)Marble statue

if use marble, the marble block will be carved according to 1:1 model.

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