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Customize a Marble Fireplace, You Need to Know About These

Many people don’t know much about how to customize a marble fireplace. We always have these questions, such as: What is the right place to install a marble fireplace? What’s their popular style? How to choose or design a suitable marble fireplace for our home? Now, let us get into the world of marble fireplace.

 Where should I place my marble fireplace?

Customize a marble fireplace that matches your home style and light up your entire decoration. We can install the marble fireplace in our living room, dining room, bedroom, or even our study room, and this is all determined by our own preferences. Most people will choose to install their fireplace in their living room or kitchen with a matching and beautiful marble fireplace mantel. Whether it is placed in the living room or kitchen, the fireplace is always the center of the whole family. In the chilly winter, it will be the warmest thing to get together and sit down around with our family or friends. Having some coffee and chatting with them or reading some books will be such a delightful moment. Except for warmth delivery, marble fireplace is also a brilliant home decor. As marble fireplaces, which are well consistent with your integral home decor style, can make your home decor more harmony. The bedroom fireplaces always bring a warm and pleasant atmosphere to you, and after a whole day’s tired work, it can help us get rid of our exhausting state, which in turn, makes us have a good relaxed dream.

An exquisite marble fireplace can well reflect the testy of the house owner and the level of designer. The position you will install a fireplace in your house is a basic thing you and your house designer should arrange by heart, and after an overall planning and designing, we can find a perfect place to install the fireplace. In fact, except for the setup position, you only need to measure several sizes of your marble fireplace and the basic things are settled down.

Which color should I choose?

To consider the whole decoration style and affiliate with our own preference, we can decide which color we want to choose for the marble material. The most common color for marble fireplace is black and white, which are the most classical too. Especially for white color, white marble surrounding is one of the most popular colors of fireplaces. The white marble fireplace is more simple and neat, which usually can make the whole room bright; whereas spacious and vivid surroundings always make us feel happy. The black fireplace can be more calm and luxury, as many people love to arrange gold color in the black backdrop. The black marble fireplace always shows the gorgeous decoration of your house. There are some good choices like the light cream color. Beige and other warm colors can make your home a comfortable circumstance. The golden sunshine reflected by marble fireplace will light and warm up your whole room.

black marble fireplace 

white marble fireplace

Single mantel or over-mantel?

There are single mantel and over-mantel marble fireplace. A single mantel normally and only has one layer, which is always settled on the ground and, usually, there is a marble fireplace hearth to be a transition between the fireplace and the floor. Most of the contemporary marble fireplace are single mantels and have skillful carving lines with simple patterns. The other is over-mantel marble fireplace, and this kind is very common too, as it’s just similar like the single mantel. The difference between them is that over-mantel fireplace has an additional layer at the bottom of the marble fireplace. Since the bottom layer needs to support a heavy stone, the bottom marble of over-mantel fireplace will be a little bit thicker. For the over-mantel fireplace, the top layer can be a great decor, and they always have beautifully carved patterns and exquisitely sculptured images, which mostly will have a typical theme. The normal style of over-mantel fireplace is the antique fireplace, which is covered with exquisite patterns and always embodies the luxury of the entire home decor. If your decor is kind of classic or luxury, the over-mantel marble fireplace is a good choice. Besides, the over-mantel fireplace is a little high, and the top point can be very close or connected with the roof, so we should try to find the most suitable height to coordinate with the space and height of our room.

single mantel fireplace

overmantel marble fireplace

Hot modern fireplaces

Many modern marble fireplaces are very simple and stylish. They are simply made of pure colored marbles, with some simple, straight lines or curves of the carving. Such simple form caters for the taste of many home decorations. American fireplaces mostly are this simple style. Some modern marble fireplaces appear to be a little ordinary from the outside, but the interior ornaments are pretty elaborate. The opening for fireplace core is well decorated with exquisite relief marble plates which will be sparkling and shining under the firelight. These details show the owner’s unique taste. Pastoral style marble fireplaces are very popular too. Marble mantel is constructed with many pieces of stones, and these kinds are so fresh and vivid. Inserted fireplace is also an important member of the contemporary fireplace family. The core of the fireplace is embedded into the wall and with no fireplace surroundings. In our bedroom, the inserted fireplace is a nice try as they almost take no place in your room and this will be a simple, generous one. Particularly, we will get a warm and mild night in the cold winter.

modern marble fireplace

modern fireplace mantel-2

Popular antique fireplaces

The antique marble fireplaces are always the first choice for many families who wants to have luxury ornamentation. Whether it is a Victorian, Gothic, or Italian-style fireplace, they are all engraved with beautiful patterns and figures with different styles. We can see the delicate carvings in the finest marbles, and these marble stones become a luxury and elegant home decor. What’s more, the vintage over-mantel fireplace always has a beautiful theme to convey a lovely story. On the edge of the fireplace, there are some orderly and stunning ornaments. The antique marble fireplaces are very apposite to install in the living room or the kitchen, which will have an excellent decorative effect.

antique marble fireplace

The combination of fireplace and TV wall

Whether it is a single mantel or an over-mantel, to apply the marble fireplace as a TV wall is a fashionable ornamental way. To some extent, the TV is another point where family gathering can put the fireplace and TV together is a brilliant idea. Combining the features can, maybe, give us a lot of conveniences.


After a brief introduction of the marble fireplace, we must have an approximate glimpse of how to customize marble fireplaces. We can take it easier when we need marble fireplaces for our home. Here are some good cases we have done for our customers.

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